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100% made in Belgium, Featzone Yoga blocks parallettes is essential for lovers of Crossfit or Calisthenics to perform bodyweight exercises, but also you can take advantage of the blocks alone and use them for yoga exercises. Professional quality and a unique design, the Yoga blocks parallettes have two aluminum bars free to rotate and four PE 4500 foam trapezoidal shapes.

For a total weight of about 1 kg and fully removable, for easy storage, you can take them away anywhere for your indoor and outdoor training.

Major gear for crossfit, calisthenics, gymnastics, body weight, handstand, push-up, planche, yoga.


    • Aluminum bars and resistant to all types of weather. ️
    • Lightweight (~1 kg), easy to disassemble and assemble without using tools.
    • Do not leave marks or damage the floor covering.
    • Possibility of obtaining a custom tube length on request, in order to have longer bars.
    • The 2 bars are free to rotate to facilitate weight transfer exercises.
    • Free delivery in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands.
    • Double usage as parallettes and yoga blocks.
    • The blocks are dense enough to support you as you tackle challenging postures but still lightweight enough to carry with you.


    • Two aluminum bars with a length of 60 cm and a diameter of 3 cm.
    • Four trapezoidal shapes in PE 4500 foam responsible for stability.


    These objectives are achieved for a total weight of about 1 kg (light), but also for their ease of disassembly and assembly.

    The Featzone yoga blocks paralettes can follow you anywhere for your indoor or outdoor training while giving you a real feeling of professional and durable equipment.

    Allows you to progress on harder calisthenics exercises.

    Allows flexibility improvement, by deep stretch using the yoga blocks.


    • Strength and flexibility
    • Archer pushups
    • Typewriter pushups
    • Mountain climbers
    • Tuck Planche
    • Planche lean
    • Full planche with band
    • Dynamic planche kick outs
    • Straddle planche
    • Handstand
    • Handstand pushups
    • L-sit shoulder stand, L-sit switches
    • Tucked sit kicks
    • L-sit
    • Pike push-ups
    • Straddle hold (front)
    • Straight bar underhand pushups and others
    • Yoga stretching.

    Watch the video for some example calisthenics and yoga exercises: