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The Featzone suspension exercise rope is an adjustable, resistant rope that can be used in multiple types of exercises with possibility to add accessories or to be used as fixing rope.

The 2 nodes allow to move the positions of the 2 small black ropes, in order to adjust better the length you need for your exercises and can be assimilated as a TRX rope.

Specifications: assembled rope from 2 types of quality climbing static rope: Edelrid rope 6 mm and Edelrid rope 4 mm.

Suggested accessories: carabiners, handle grips.

Remark: One carabiner is always necessary to suspend the rope (plan to buy one if no stock).

You can buy it individually and it is also part of some variants of Featzone workout kits.

For some training examples follow the link rope exercises.

Read also warnings and user manual for more details about usage of materials and fitting page on how to manipulate the rope.

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