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The Featzone pull up fitness bar is an essential and easy-to-use item, designed to enhance your exercises and workouts with the Featzone gear.

  • Telescopic and adjustable in two positions (short 60 cm / long 78 cm).
  • Fully aluminum for use without risk of oxidation, while being very light (520 grams).
  • Good rubber handle grips.

Perfect fitness pull up bar with resistance bands and tubes

In addition, the bar Featzone can be dissociated into three elements, for easy transport in our individual kits.
At the end of the bar we have reinforced straps for hooking the carabiners of the elastic tube. At its center, we could fix resistance band by a lark head knot to increase the work resistance according to your choice.

You can buy it individually and it is also part of some variants of kit.

For some training examples follow the link bar exercises.

Read also warnings and user manual for more details about usage of materials and how to manipulate the kit components.

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