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The Featzone Power resistance band - black is an elastic band with two stainless steel fastening D-rings for unlimited use in your workouts.

In order to satisfy a more precise choice of the band, adapted to your strength and type of exercise, we propose three length measures:

  • 210 cm - long, up to 9 meters of stretch (explosiveness, sprint, speed, endurance)
  • 140 cm - medium, up to 6 meters of stretch (explosiveness, strength, speed) 
  • 70 cm - short, up to 3 meters of stretch (strength, explosiveness).

You have the choice to buy the band with or without carabiners, in case you have already 2 carabiners. Please select your variant on choosing the length and the option "carabiners 0" or "carabiners 2".

Perfect compromise between the elastic tube and the traditional resistance band

See below some exercises and full of possibilities that you can have for Power resistance  band - black 070 cm workout.


    1) Width = 2.2 cm
    2) Thickness = 4.5 mm
    3) Colour = black
    4) Length / Weight (see the measurements table for more explanations related to the choice of the band):
      • 210 cm / from 7 KG till 25 KG
      • 140 cm (full length use)  / from 8 KG to 30 KG
      • 140 cm (2 x half length use) / from 8 KG till 42 KG
      • 70 cm / from 8 KG till 28 KG

      The table bellow will help you to choose the type of power resistance band based on the following criteria:

      • Length of the band: 70 cm / 140cm / 210 cm and its use" full length" or folded.
      • Stretch distance range (0 m to 9 m)
      • Resistance expressed in weight (kg)

      Here bellow the legend of the 3 working areas:

      • Green = Working zone
      • Orange = Warning working zone
      • Red = Forbidden working zone

        Made of 100% natural latex with two stainless steel fastening D-rings, these are ensuring a superior utilisation and traction power than any other resistance band.


        Thanks to its two stainless steel D-Rings fixing and the help of the Featzone carabiners, you will be able to use it for warming up, muscle strengthening, explosiveness, cardio, stretching.

        This is a real opportunity to select what you need for a unique feeling exercise. The power resistance band is a unique Featzone product and has been designed to be used perfectly with all our items (handles, belt, ankle straps, bar, carabiners).

        Our workout kits are also suitable to accommodate the Featzone Power resistance bands.

        Activity domain

        The strong point of the power resistance band is to be able to satisfy any type of person and for all types of physical activity (football, basket, athletics, boxing, CrossFit, calisthenics, plyometrics, fitness, gymnastics, hockey, swimming, ...). It will be the ideal companion to enhance your usual exercises but also to create new ones for you.


          Progressive elasticity due to a longer length (in case of 210 cm and 140 cm bands).

          Three lengths of use, allowing exercises adapted to the physical level and to the place of training (explosiveness, speed, strength, endurance, stretching, cardio, ...).

          ✅ Wide choice of strengths and lengths suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

            ✅ High exercises potential in different sports disciplines, as the extension band covers tube exercises and as well resistance band exercises.
              ✅ The power resistance band can be used as a classical resistance band and as well as a single band with attachments to Featzone handle grips, Featzone bar, Featzone ankle straps and Featzone pulling belt.

                Advice - how to select your power resistance band ?

                • Unlike a dumbbell (weight), the resistance force of the elastic varies with its stretch. The more you stretch the elastic, the more the load will be felt. Conversely, the less you stretch the elastic, the less the load will be felt.
                • The strength of working with an extension band is that the muscle will need to gradually vary its intensity of contraction throughout the exercise. This will prevent overloading too much from the start of the movement, where the muscle and tendon will be most vulnerable to a tear or an injury.
                  • The resistance force will be based on the initial dimension of the elastic.
                  • The progression of this resistance force will be proportional to its initial length.
                    • More the initial band length is long, more the stretching force is progressive and will allow better comfort in their usage.
                    • More the band is short, more the progression of the resistance will be short and fast and will lead you in a more aggressive stretch.
                      • The choice of resistance and length will depend on the type of exercise, the training space and will be unique to each individual. Ex: in my living room I will certainly not be able to stretch my elastic to a length of 8 m.

                      Usage examples

                      • full length use

                      • 2 x half length use

                      You can buy the power resistance band as single item or can be included in different variants of kits. For some training examples follow the link workouts.

                      Read also warnings and user manual for more details about usage of materials and how to manipulate the kit components.

                      Price includes tax.

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