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Featzone gym ankle strap is designed to improve the ankle support and lower body movement, allowing mobility and resistance to supply legs and hips workouts. Durable with ultimate comfort you can use it for a wide range of exercises including kickbacks, buttocks, abdominals, lunges, crisscross beats and more.  

For a good comfort and hygiene, we propose a removable polyethylene foam band protection that you can slide it inside the ankle strap. You can wash it and put it back easily. The fixation is supported by a scratch that wraps into a D-Ring.

The ankle strap is sold in 2 variants: S-M (19-22 cm) and L-XL (22-26 cm).

You can buy the Featzone gym ankle strap individually or it can be added to a custom kit (call us if a custom kit variant is required). 

We have also an option of reduced price of 30 EUR for two. Buy two and 6 EUR discount "2ANKLESTRAPS" will be deducted on your checkout. Promotion available outside sales period.

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