Elastic tube - 35 LBS - black

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The elastic tube - 35 lbs - black is recommended to be used with our Featzone handle grips. You can buy it with or without the 2 Featzone carabiners in case you have already a pair. Please make your elastic tube choice, selecting one of the variants "0 carabiners" or "2 carabiners".

We recommend to buy our Featzone carrabiners, as these make the difference for this product, if we compare the elastics with similar products of the market.

If you buy more elastic tubes, make sure that you buy at least one pair of carabiners.
Featzone small carabiners are made in aluminum and have a stainless-steel gate, are resistant to saltwater and rust, have high quality and support a gravity of 20-45 Kg.

Specifications: latex tube, aluminum carabiners, resistance 15,87 kg.

Good for high power training - try the elastic tube 35 lbs to improve your strengths

Elastic tubes are available as a single item or included in different variants of kits.

For some training examples follow the link workouts.

Read also warnings and user manual for more details about usage of materials and how to manipulate the kit components.

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