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Featzone crossfit adjustable speed rope with aluminum handles and steel wire.


  • Aluminum handles (18 cm) ensure maximum durability
  • 3,1 m PVC-coated steel wire can be adjusted for any user or exercise
  • 360 degrees rotation system
  • Lightweight design ensures no restriction in movement when skipping
  • Featzone logo on handles.

Empower yourself to engage in high intensive cardio workouts anywhere with this lightweight jump rope.

To optimize the revolutions of the speed skipping rope, the rope cable can be cut according to the preferred length dependent on height (see table below).

Height Rope lenght
0 - 158cm Height + 92 cm
160 - 193cm Height + 97 cm
196 - +220 cm Height + 99.5 cm


How to adjust the size of your speed rope:

  •      Place the center of your cable on the ground and put one foot on it
  •      Pull the handles up, at your armpits, until the cable is taut
  •      Unscrew the screw to adjust the distance
  •      Tighten the screw after adjustment
  •      If necessary, cut the unnecessary cable length as mentioned below.

You can buy it individually and it is also part of some variants of kits.

Read also warnings and user manual for more details about usage of materials and how to manipulate the kit components.

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