30KG Sandbag

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The 30KG Sandbag has the capacity of 25 - 30 KG max when filled with sand and it is ideal for improving your overall strength, stability and endurance.

The 30KG Sandbag is perfect for intensive indoor and outdoor workouts, currently extremely popular in the crossfit world and it is a good choice for bootcamp training.


  • Made in Cordura fabric with a 20 cm diameter and 74 cm length,
  • 2 confortable handles and strap reinforcement,
  • Velcro closure,
  • PVC 500D tarpaulin dry bag.


  • Numerous exercises possible to develop stability, strength and explosiveness,
  • Ideal for increasing the strength of the whole body,
  • Very durable due to the use of high quality materials,
  • The 30KG Sandbag contains 1 big weight bag that can be filled with sand, according to your own weight choice. The max weigth is 30 KG.

Perfect for developing total body strength

For some training examples watch the video: