User manual and warnings

Warnings about usage of materials and how to manipulate the kit components:

It is not planned to use the Featzone equipment for any other activities than fitness and it is forbidden for climbing.

For the security and long life of Featzone materials we recommend to follow the fitting and some rules of the utilization as bellow:

Carrying bag: Its use mainly plays the role of carrying all Featzone equipment’s provided for this purpose. It is important to respect its transport and the order of conditioning provided to ensure its reliability. We will not be held responsible in any case if the non-respect of use is not respected. It is not advisable to place another item that would not be expected and that would not be of the brand Featzone.

Hats (XXL kit): the hats are integral parts of the transport bag for the conditioning of the gym rings. They will also serve as dumbbells by means of sandbags that will be placed inside.

Packaging: The packaging of the articles Featzone inside the kit, has been designed to respect the dimensions provided for this purpose and materials must imperatively be placed in the right order to ensure durability and good winding for packaging.

Bar: The use of the Featzone bar must be limited for the attachment of elastic tubes with carabiners that will be placed in the lateral nylon loops provided for this purpose or by an elastic band placed in lark’s head knot in the center. The bar can be used in this way in short and long position. Under no circumstances the bar should not be used for any other reason and is not intended to be used as a draw bar.

Elastics bands / tubes: Featzone elastics are certified and very resistant. However, the elastic should never encounter a cutting, abrasive, corrosive surface that would damage its integrity and will cause the break to occur. The elasticity has a limit not to exceed and will not increase its resistance to work. The increase of the resistance will be done by the addition of elastics but in no case by exceeding its limit of resistance and stretching. Featzone latex bands should only be used with Featzone accessories of the carrying bag.

Warnings elastic bands / tubes: People with latex allergies should not use these bands. Avoid stretching the band / elastic tube in such a fashion that it may snap towards your head and cause injuries to your eyes / head. Do not overstretch the band / elastic more than 3 times its resting length. Store the resistance bands / elastic tubes out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures.

Grips: Their use will be limited to the attachment of the provided Featzone equipment, using the Featzone carabiners and will be used for a physical training activity type fitness only and not for climbing.

Suspension rope: composed of a static rope diameter 6mm, 2 static ropes of diameter 4mm, adjustable by self-locking knots (prussik). Its use is only for exercises with a contact on the ground and can be used also as lashing rope. It is forbidden to practice any other activity than physical training fitness type. The rope will be used to fix the Featzone carabiners provided for this purpose, to create fitness workstations. In no case this suspension rope will not be used for climbing. It is important to control the integrity of the general state of the rope before each exercise.

Double handle strap: 2.5 cm polypropylene strap that will be used as a work strap for different exercises. Can be used as attachment point too. Its use will be limited only to a fitness type activity.

Jump rope: aluminum handles and wire rope protected by a protective sheath. Please set the rope according to your size and use it in a clear space of any movement.

Sandbag: waterproof pocket that will be used to fill sand or non-cutting contents. This pocket once filled, will be placed in the hat provided for this purpose, which will form the kettlebell sandbag.

Carabiners: Featzone large carabiners are only intended for the use of a fitness activity and in no case for any other activities (they are not intended for climbing). Small carabiners should be used only with elastic tubes; they are not intended for any other attachments.

Rings: follow the threading instructions as per fitting photo. Pay attention to place the straps on an appropriate fixing point, that will support a superior charge to the body weight.

Floor mat: made of polyethylene foam 8 mm thick.

Door Anchor: Serves as a sturdy door clamp, does not damage the stall area.