To satisfy our customers in the best way, we wanted to fully control all the steps required for the smooth production run, products marketing and after-sales service.

  • Conception and design:
    The kits and some of our products have been imagined and designed by us.
    The design and production are ensured by our sewing and mechanical workshop.
  • Production / quality control / marketing:
    The production line is entirely controlled by the Featzone team.
    We can follow our products, adapt and react quickly.
    The marketing is ensured by our website that we have developed by integrating our products and also a secure mode of payment (PayPal, Visa, Amex, Apple Pay) and delivery (BPost / BPack integration).
    We wanted to inform you in the most transparent way possible about the quality of our products and services. In order to help you make good use of our products once purchased, we wanted to show you different ways to use the kits and products with explanatory photos / videos.
  • Customer Service / After Sales:
    We make a point of honor to satisfy our customers in order to quickly answer any question and request.
    Our goal is to work a maximum in upstream the quality, to listen our clients, in order to avoid any harm and dissatisfaction. Please find via the following link our conditions for return and refund.

Watch the video that talks about our know how and passion of work.

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