Please follow the following instructions and examples on how we propose to use the kits and the different products.


It is important to respect the sequence of fitting of the products inside the kit, in such a way to use the right elastic wideness hole for the right product.

Fitting KIT "XXL"

The fitting of the kit is starting by arranging the mat inside the Cordura bag. After you can dispose the different materials inside the passers of the 2 elastic bands of the cover mat starting from the left in the following sequence:

    1. Bar in 60 cm length position,
    2. 4 latex resistance bands,
    3. 4 handle grips and 4 large carabiners,
    4. 6 elastic tubes,
    5. 1 exercise rope,
    6. 2 door anchors and 2 double loops straps (fixation & exercise)
    7. 1 exercise rope,
    8. 2 adjustable jump ropes (black and red)
    9. 2 dry bags (black and red)

    After fitting the cover, we proceed to create our bag executing the following actions:

    1. We roll the Cordura cover, pass the middle strap and fix it with the scratch.
    2. We introduce one of the rings and fixing straps into the bottom kettlebell hat (the one with male buckles). We fix the hat on the Cordura cover roll.
    3. We introduce the other ring in the superior hat (the one with female buckles). We fix the hat at the other side of the Cordura cover roll.
    4. We create like that our bag and next operation is to fix and adjusts the straps with the middle clips buckles.  Your XXL kit is ready for transport !

    Watch the video providing detailed steps on fitting the kit XXL.

    2) RINGS

    The ABS rings are part of KIT XXL and they need to be placed in the 2 hats of the kit as following: one ring together with the rolled straps in the bottom hat (when kit vertical) and the 2nd in the top hat.

    Following picture is providing the instruction on how to realize the threading of the straps. It is important for security.

    Step1: Throw the strap over or through your mounting structure (pull-up bar, truss, tree branch, etc.).
    Step2: Attach the gymnastic ring to the strap and feed the other end of the strap through the buckle in the direction the arrow on the buckle points to: insert the strap down towards the ground while pressing the buckle to make an opening for the strap. (Please see below pictures about the steps of installation.)

    3) EXERCISE ROPE: fixing point
    create fixing point on the tree - variant 1

    Important remark: do not to place the carabiner the opposite to the traction but as close as possible to the traction.

    create fixing point on the tree - variant 2

    Create fixing point on the tree - low position - variant 3

    4) Attach handle grips to the fixing rope using large carabiners

    5) BAR - Warnings

    How to make the knot on the bar and how to attach the carabiners at 2 lateral strips?

    Attention: the bar has at each end 2 strips to reinforce the resistance and you have to attach your carabiner considering both strips.