Featzone - who we are ?

Who we are ?
The idea of ​​creating a compact and lightweight sports kit that would bring daily training, came to me after participating in military operations and in areas where we could not carry heavy and bulky sports equipment with us. The desire to train and keep in good physical condition in al circumstances required us to be creative or just to limit ourselves to simple things.
Being sporty and loving group activities, I wanted to put my ideas into practice and get into this adventure of creating my brand, my product and developing the concept of giving to a group of people the opportunity to train at the same time and anywhere. To do this, I would like to give an effective product, practical but also robust, given the areas of use.
Me and my team, we decided to work with quality products, which were selected, tested and approved by professionals. We put all our know-how to make our product ourselves, in order to provide a better quality control and to be able to adapt to the slightest demand.

Our products and kits have an individual and collective usage, both indoors and outdoors and recommended to people who love the sport and want to keep fit in all circumstances.

Why Featzone ?
Featzone translates into an exploit zone. The exploit in the broad sense is the willingness to surpass yourself, to go beyond your physical and mental limits.
To succeed in realizing a challenge is therefore to discover its psychological limits, to overcome its fears, anxieties and doubts as well.
This is what we would like to pass as message and to create a Featzone community that will bring us together in sharing the passion of sport and personal discovery.

Our philosophy

Find and maintain physical and mental balance in different forms and sport disciplines, encourage and facilitate the maintenance of a physical activity in all circumstances.
Alone or in a group, take the time to get out of your daily life, out of your comfort zone, give yourself something to accomplish and achieve small or big personal exploits.
We encourage fulfillment through physical activity, which can be a personal achievement and not just the goal of goal of getting the perfect body.