The workout kits Featzone are the one representing the brand and have been custom designed to accommodate the Featzone goods. They are compact, light, modular and offer a perfect conditioning for our sports equipment. We are proposing 4 types of kits: Kit 'XXL', Workout Kit 'BUDDY' with 10 defined versions and 4 variants of the '6 PACK' workout kit.

The workout kit BUDDY exists in multiple variants that group different resistance bands and elastics, telescopic adjustable bar, handle grips, carabiners, traning rope and many other accessories and it is a perfect partner for the indoor and outdoor training.

The 6 PACK workout kit, has been designed in the purpose to have the minimum number of articles that could give you a complete workout at home. Small, compact at at the same time light and easy to carry.

The kit XXL has been designed for coaches or group circuit training (15 people).

In case you would like to have a custom workout kit BUDDY, please send us a mail at We will be pleased to propose you a price based on your choice.