Home exercise sets

We are pleased to present our new collection "Home exercise sets" intended for home training. We offer several variants of the set, including articles such as: resistances bands, elastic tubes, carabiner, door anchor, handle grips, from basic (4 articles) to the most complete (10 articles). You can buy the different articles individually, but buying the set, will give you the opportunity to take advantage of a reduction and also will ensure a min sport set that will help you to train at home.

Discover home exercise sets for all ages

All our home exercise sets are made up of the minimum necessary to ensure a wide variety of exercises. We are pleased to offer you different compositions according to need and budget.
The variants that we have composed are a base to help you, but you can always request by mail your own home sports set variant composition.
You will also be able to add other items from our range of articles if necessary (bar, jump rope, gymnastic rings, etc.).
If later you will want to take your equipment away from home, you could choose one of our Featzone transport bags for ease of transport and optimal packaging.