The collection contains a choice of 6 elastic tubes, produced on 100% natural latex and having different resistance strengths:
  • Yellow elastic tube 5x8x1200mm  - Extra light (5lbs)
  • Blue elastic tube 5x9x1200mm  - Light (10lbs)
  • Green elastic tube 7x11x1200mm  - Medium(15lbs)
  • Black elastic tube 6x11x1200mm  - Heavy (20 lbs)
  • Red elastic tube 5x11x1200mm  - Extra Heavy (25lbs)
  • Black elastic tube 6x13x1250mm - Extra Extra heavy (35lbs)
Each elastic tube is equipped with 2 Featzone carabiners, resistants and very good quality (easy to open and they preserve the elastics from injuries).
They are extremely convenient and effective for your fitness, strengths improvement, injuries rehabilitation. They are included fully in our Kit XXL and partially included in different variants of Workout Kit BUDDY.