The benefits of parallettes

The benefits of parallettes

All about the parallettes

The parallettes or mini bars, are an essential sports equipment for bodyweight training, for improving core strength, helping to progress and achieve the training goals.
Before discussing the use of parallettes and the exercise possibilities, we will focus on highlighting the benefits of Featzone parallettes.


  • The bars are made of aluminum (stainless) and withstand to all types of weather conditions.

Parallettes set |Featzone

  • The advantage number ONE of the parallettes is the weight. The set has  862 gr, easy to disassemble and assemble without using any tools, ease of transport anywhere.

Parallettes set | Featzone | Weight

  • The parallettes do not leave marks, do not damage the floor and adapt to uneven ground for indoor and outdoor use.
  • We offer the possibility of having a custom tube length on request, if you want to have longer bars.
  • Both bars are free to rotate to facilitate weight transfer exercises, without having to let go of the grip.
Parallettes set | Archer pushups | Featzone
  • Free delivery in Belgium, Germany, France, England, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  • Do not search anymore ! A few clicks on parallettes and they will be delivered within 48 hours to your home.

Parallettes set | Free delivery | Featzone

Now, talking about the advantages of using parallettes versus hands on the floor.

  • One of the most obvious things is that they make your hands higher than your feet.
  • This elevation changes the workload and decreases the amount of force you need to generate to push yourself up, in movements like the push-up and the reverse press.
Parallettes set | Regular push ups | Featzone
  • The palms facing each other create more load distribution in the muscles that support the front and back of the shoulders.
  • The position of the wrist used on the parallettes facilitates the feeling of support of the shoulders, keeps the joint of the wrists straight and avoids pain due to lack of flexibility.
  • Bodyweight exercises are suitable for everyone. The precised and controlled movements, along with gymnastic workouts, are great for building your strength, flexibility, and the control over the deep abdominal muscles, simply by adding them to your home workouts.
Parallettes set | Calisthenics | Featzone
  • The parallettes will give you the chance to learn how you should feel the movement. This will help you gain strength and gradually to move the parallettes to vary the working angle.

Parallettes set | Handstand | Featzone

Exercises with parallettes:

A multitude of exercises will be possible, both for beginners and for professionals.

  • Ideal for CrossFit, calisthenics and gymnastics practitioners.
  • No need for heavy, bulky machinery to achieve great results. Equip yourself with a minimum of quality equipment to allow you to train in good conditions with a 100% guaranteed physical and functional result.
  • Set yourself goals to achieve!
  • Work netly, take care of your movements and be regular.
  • Tell yourself that nothing is impossible.

Paralettes | Push-ups paralettes | Featzone

  • Vary your workouts ! Mobility and flexibility are points to remember if you want to achieve the physical balance of a gymnast.
  • Listen to your body and respect periods of rest.
  • To be and to last!  A good result does not happen in a short term. Never lack creativity to avoid boredom, but on the contrary, enjoy this training moment.

Parallettes | L-sit | Featzone

Parallettes | 2 Parallettes pushups | Featzone

 Watch the video Parallettes set workout:

Watch the video explaining how you have to assemble the parallettes set:


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