Featzone store opening

Featzone store opening

This is our first Featzone blog, announcing the opening of our site.

We are happy to meet you here to share our experience, knowledge and fun using our material. We encourage you to take a round of our products and workouts. The products are organized in 4 collections: Kits, Bands, Elastic Tubes, Accessories.

Main announcement on Facebook is about our history, goals and present.

Here is the moment to announce that the countdown has begun and that in less than 24 hours you will have the opportunity to come and discover the site of the Belgian brand "Featzone".
We take advantage of this moment to tell you our journey.
Sporting and loving to practice the sport, I have often been confronted during my travels and my profession of soldier to have to find solutions to maintain my condition and that without material.
This failure did not prevent us from finding solutions like a water pack, a bag, a box of ammunition, a tow bar, but it remained a poor way and not ideal.

Featzone story beginning
This is how the idea of ​​creating a kit that would be suitable for people in the same situation has sprouted…and meanwhile the desire to undertake a project while exercising my passion.
Encouraged to dare to embark on such a project by a friend with many qualities, we ended up becoming partners and enthusiasm doubled :).
The challenge of this project was to learn quickly in unknown areas, not being able to outsource all the tasks we would need for project viability. We therefore equipped ourselves with the necessary material to design and build our ideas.
Surrounded by a family and quality friends, we have achieved the goal of mastering the design and providing a quality product and service.

Featzone production
The project was able to continue and we moved to the creation of our brand "Featzone" and the European registration of our models.
The following phases were shared between production, testing and marketing preparation.
The web shop was one of the most important and complex parts we went through and we also wanted to master it from A to Z.

featzone-europe website
Now is the day when we officially make public a project of passion and heart.
But also, a beautiful story of friendship that proves that we can achieve great projects and results with a minimum of will and determination.

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